Power of the Moon.

As a Cancerian, I am fascinated by the moon and its magnetic presence. There is something so transcendent about the power it exerts; just as the moon influences the tides, it can influence our moods.

For years I have used candles as part of a self-care routine to tune into my different phases. I have a passion for how scents can evoke feelings, memories and inspiration.

St Lunar combines my love of candles, fragrance and essential oils with the power of the moon phases.

Setting Intentions by Setting the Scene.

I have created candles that tune into four different lunar phases: full moon, dark moon, waning crescent moon and waxing crescent moon.

We can utilise the energy of the lunar phases to channel our intentions, restore our energy, and to recharge.

Candles with a Conscience.

I create vegan, hand-poured candles.

I use either recycled packaging materials or materials that can be recycled.

I use a blend of essential oils with fragrance oils to deliver a quality hot and cold scent throw with aromatherapy benefits.

My mission is to build a brand with a recycling program and to maintain a commitment to using as many recyclable and biodegradable materials as possible.